Thematically challenged

It came to my attention today that my sexy Andreas 4 canned wordpress theme doesn’t work worth a damn on IE. I checked, and it’s true. So I’ve been noodling around trying to find a better one. I kinda like this one, but some people don’t necessarily like white text on black background. Until I get off my butt and start self hosting, I’m stuck with whats available to me on So…this is my favorite of currently available wordpress themes… Post your comments/thoughts in here if you would; I’d appreciate that. Thanks.

**EDIT** So I changed to this one with a custom header…


5 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    I like the orange, but yeah…not too fond of white on black!

  2. purplegables on

    The black background is a bit harder to read. However, the shorter text lines are easier to read and so almost make up for it!

  3. Duane on

    I like it buddy.. It rules..

    (you just received a random act of kindness)

  4. twitchy67 on

    hrmm…is it random if it was solicited? 😛

  5. Duane on

    Ok, I’ll take it back. This theme blows.

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