Random Acts of Kindness Week

I’ve long been of the belief that altruism is the purest and noblest form of self indulgence.  This is not a bad thing.  Basically, we do a nice thing for someone because of the feeling it gives us to see someone smile or perk up someone’s day.  The added benefit of knowing that you got a good feeling via an unselfish act even adds to the joy, making it even more self indulgent.  So seriously, what could be better than a purely self serving act that isn’t even purely self serving?  It doesn’t get any better!

Some people are just natural at being altruistic and kind.  I’m dating one and I work with at least two, who, interestingly enough are the two who are pushing Random Acts of Kindness Week around the office.   Ruth is genuinely sweet to everyone around her, just by nature, at least as far as I’ve seen in the relatively short time I’ve been seeing her.  It’s one of the attractions I have.  All teasing aside, Duane and Kasia are two people who probably don’t require a special week to do random kindnesses; they just do those things naturally.  These people may not describe the kind words or little bit of encouragement they drop as random acts of kindess, but they are.  There are others in my life too, but it would take a week to go thru all of them.  Some of us are not so fortunate (or well raised perhaps hehe) and need to consciously make an effort to do nice things.

Yesterday afternoon I did a random act of kindness on my way home from work.  While approaching the seabus waiting area I saw a person struggling with finding the change to buy a ticket.  HE was obviously not in the best position financially, and as there were transit cops by the gates, he needed one to get on (if you don’t live in or transit around Vancouver much, it should be noted that our public transit is mostly honor system.  There is no ticket gates for the Skytrain or the Seabus, and they have cops who do random ticket checks.  I personally think that 1: that’s just stupid as it probably costs translink thousands of dollars a day in lost revenue, and 2: having said that, MOST people are honest and pay).  Having a book of tickets in my pocket, I pulled out two for validation, and as the man started to ask nearby people for change to get a ticket, I just gave him one already validated.  He didn’t seem to believe it to be valid at first hehe.

Now, I probably would have helped this dude out even if it wasn’t “Random Acts of Kindness” week; he wasn’t the typical meth junkie street urchin looking for money for pot, he was a down on his luck dude trying to get home.  I can relate to this guy…I’ve been there (heck I often AM there these days).  But the fact that it was front of mind because of the title of the week ensured that i did something that I probably would have done anyways, but might not have.  This is where things like this come in handy.  So maybe I should get on the bandwagon here and start trying to spread the Random Acts of Kindness week vibe.  Even tho it’s half done already.  I personally think we should have random acts of kindness years right about now as the world could probably use a couple, but I know that society generally needs an excuse for this kind of thing.

Anyways, people, go out and do something nice for someone this week, randomly.   Please.  It does your’ and society’s souls some good.  🙂


2 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    I like this layout!!
    If I practised a random act of kindness last week, do I have to do it again this week?? Bah!

  2. Cage on

    Dude, you finally turned 39, congratulations!

    That was nice that you helped that guy out. I think you are right about making RAOK a habit rather than trying to squeeze a few in during a week.

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