The Super Duper Death Flu…

…is working it’s way around the office. So far 6 or 8 people have had it. One guy’s got it today and sitting behind me…yikes. This is a wierd asskicker of a flu and seems to really be taking people out hard. I’m hoping i’ve missed it…it’s been a long year for flu’s and cold’s and frankly i just plain don’t want another one. I went for years without ever getting sick and the past year or so I’ve had a few days off for being sick.

I dunno if I’m just getting older or what, but it seems to me that these bugs are going around more and more and the past few have been long lasting knock u on your ass kind of bugs. The last one I had only gave me two days of feeling really crappy, but the cough and sore throat lasted like forever. This one seems to have people down for a week or so at least, and when it hits they all take a day or two off work…it doesn’t appear to be one that people can work thru. So the question…is this a government experiment gone bad, global warming, or the superbugs coming to get us? Or is it just a flu?

At any rate, frankly I’ve got shit to do and really can’t afford (financially or professionally) to take any time off right this minute. I’ve also got to fly in 4 weeks (er…3 now) to my brother’s wedding, and having a sinus issue while flying is NOT pleasant (if you’ve ever done that you know of which I speak) . Having smoked for so long, every flu/cold ends up in my sinuses. I’ve got deals to close as well, and money to make and basically I just hate being down sick. So here’s a message for u little virus…go bug someone else. 😛


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  1. Rosie on

    Being sick totally sucks. Did you get a flu shot?? Wash your hands!

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