It’s not Easy, Being ‘Green’ – pro Earther’s shooting their toes off…

So I read a couple of different somewhat disturbing articles today. First off, it turns out that Canada’s “Dean of Green” Dr. David Suzuki did a cross country tour recently to promote ecology and green thinking. Great idea, I think. But…it seems him and his entourage of 8 people did this tour in a diesel bus. Grand total of carbon monoxide emitted into the air after the tour? 20 tonnes (that’s metric tonnes, not tons…)!!!! The tour organizers explain this away by saying they purchased “credits”. Give me a freaking break. EIGHT PEOPLE! You coulda rented 2 prius’s and done it! The thing that really picked my ass is he bicycles the last kilometer for the press. Hypocrisy! Second thing I read is that the saviour of western ecology, Al Gore, lives in a house that uses about 20 times the amount of power as the average north american home. Twenty times!!! Seriously, come on now.

Now don’t get me wrong…although i’m nowhere close to being a tree hugger, I do respect what those guys are doing for going green. But how in the heck are they gonna convince the general public to become more sensitive to the planet when they are bigger offenders themselves?? Seriously… The green movement seems to consistently make itself look bad. People profess to live it and then don’t. Or they live it to such an extreme they piss people off. Either way, they have a hard time winning the battle for public consciousness.

I would think that if I wanted to make a change in public consciousness, I would do it by setting an example, not by just standing on a soapbox and hypocritically bitching out people for doing what I do.  It bums me out, Al Gore in particular, cuz I really support what these guys are doing.   Maybe not as vehemently as some, but all the same…


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  1. Duane on

    Some good points there.. Yeah I agree — lead by example. And if you drive a hummer, make sure nobody knows it’s you.

  2. […] Clay gets ranty on David Suzuki for using a diesel bus for his Thinking Green tour and takes a poke at Al Gore for living in a house that uses twenty times more power than the average US home. […]

  3. Tyler on

    Oh Clay has a Blog! Sweet!

    Yea Mr.Suzuki should of rented a Prius, or at least those Camry Hybrids 😉

    And to bike that last little bit? Bah!

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