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My friend Megan pointed out that in my post about David Suzuki and Al Gore I made a statement that could be interpreted as a generality and a sweeping accusation against a whole group of people. I said in the post that “The green movement seems to consistently make itself look bad. People profess to live it and then don’t.” That’s not necessarily a fair statement; the green movement doesn’t make itself look bad consistently, individuals involved in the green movement do hypocritical things. As do individuals in any group, including the right wing, the left wing, the NHLPA, Mensa and the Coalition to Stop the Spread of Country Music.

Of course for the most part I support the green movement, although I have no use for people who throw ketchup at fur coats or refuse to eat beef cuz it’s mean to cattle. As you can see from my posts if you’ve read more than a few of them in my blog, I am pretty much a left leaning centrist. I support an ecologically sound future, I support social programs, I support choice over forced choice and I definitely don’t support made up wars for control of oil resources. It’s a common position; like most people I’m not 100% on either side of any debate. As an example, I’m pro choice, but anti abortion, meaning I wouldn’t recommend an abortion for someone but I’d never begrudge them the decision to do so. Nor would I judge someone negatively for making that choice; I don’t know what’s going on for them so I can’t make a judgement. My personal view is that I wouldn’t choose that particular avenue (of course being male i’ll never have to, but u get the idea). I could go on, but really my blog isn’t a political forum; it’s a personal one.

Megan’s comment brings up an interesting point though. As bloggers, do we or should we have the same responsibilities as other journalists/writers/commentators? I don’t profess to be any good at this…shit the whole reason I do it is to get better at writing and forming thoughts in a text format. If I was an expert at it, I’d write for a living. I don’t even have adsense here; this is not an income generating outlet in any way for me. BUT…having said that, it is still a publicly accessible site, and i do things to generate traffic to it. So do I have a responsibility to write with similar journalistic integrity to any other writers? Does someone who just writes mainly for themselves and the 20-50 people who read their blog have a responsibility to write with the same ability, cohesiveness, and accuracy as a paid writer?

Probably…but just to themselves. As I said, this blog is a forum for me to improve my writing skills, and comments like Megan’s are essential for that. Taking away the fact that what I said in the post was basically a discriminatory statement against the whole green movement, it was also incorrect, un-researched, and non-defendable. And frankly not even a true opinion of mine. This is what happens when you’re writing something quickly and not really thinking about it. Everything else I wrote was accurate, defensible and my opinion, which is valid. That particular statement was none of those. Hence, poor writing. One can’t even blame misinformation or lack of education for such a thing…it’s just lazy.

So, if I want to make statements I should strive to utilize a little bit of integrity in them, and I think all bloggers should. When people make ignorant statements like that one to me, I get pissed off at their lack of research…so why should my rules for myself be any different? Perhaps if all bloggers took a similar view, citizen journalism would get a bit more respect from the traditional press at a quicker rate.

So…uh…dammit lost my train of thought…I did have a point… oh yeah… all bloggers are green!


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  1. Red Cedar on

    As the person who inspired this post – I feel I should make a quick comment of clarification here…..

    I don’t believe that bloggers have a responsibility to write to the same level as a journalist, a novelist or any other form of paid media….. As far as standards go….. I mean, no one would pay me for the life updates I write that my friends enjoy reading – and I don’t write them to any journalistic standard. However, I think bloggers do have a responsibility to write from an informed place, or at least be able to stand by what they say.

    I think a lot of why we blog is to contribute to the conversation on a given issue – one of the fantastic thing about the medium is it allows us to talk to friends and strangers alike about the things that are important to us. But just like in a real conversation, sweeping and unsupportable statements don’t really get us anywhere. It doesn’t get me to knowing Clay (or someone else better), and it also doesn’t get me to understanding an issue better.

    That’s all I meant – not that we all have to write to some standard, or in one particular form or another – but that we should at least attempt to ensure that what we say is factually true, supportable and that we aren’t misrepresenting our own thoughts in the hasty process of blogging from work or on the road.


  2. Cage on

    I’m interested to find out where you take a definitive stand on something…you say “I’m pro choice, but anti abortion”. Can you be both? I’m pro life and I don’t judge others for the decisions that they make, but I do take a stand on the issue.

  3. twitchy67 on

    Well see that’s the difference between pro choicers and pro lifers…pro choicers believe it’s the individual’s choice to make, regardless of what their own personal decision would be. And I take a definitive stand on that. Although I don’t want to get into a debate on abortion in this forum cuz no one will win, I will support a woman’s right to make her own decision about her body every time. Is it wrong? Depends on your viewpoint I guess. But where do I take a stand? Well, you see it every posting in my blog where I take my stands… In this forum I try to keep it light, but it’s still there.

  4. Cage on

    I just don’t think you can be both anti abortion and pro choice; I think you clarified that by saying that you are pro choice.

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