That (Annoying?) Vonage Song

One of the search terms to my blog the other day was “Who does the Vonage song?” So I figured I’d post it here. The Vonage song is called, interestingly enough “WooHoo” and it’s by a Japanese band called “The 5,6,7,8’s“. They are a 3 piece all girl band that plays barefoot. Their music is kind of surf music, but with a bit of garage punk attitude. Personally they make me want to gag, but they’re quite popular in Japan. Then again, so is Hello Kitty, so…

The Vonage commercials are not the first place this song was featured…if you remember Kill Bill, the 5678’s were the band playing in the Club where the big fight scene was. One of the three songs they played was WooHoo. So there. Woohoo. Wuh huh hoo.


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  1. Rosie on

    Hello Kitty, yay! 5-6-7-8s, boooo!

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