Olympic protestors can just FOAD, thanks!

…and that stands for f$& off and die, btw.  This post is bound to incite a bit of reaction from my activist friends, but frankly I’m pissed off.
I understand your right to protest.  Good on you…it’s needed.  Personally I think by protesting the Olympics you’re being stupid and naive.  And wasting your time.  Do you really think that if we didn’t have the olympics coming that all your other causes would get any more money???  Would the government move the olympic funds to pay for housing?  Drug treatment?  Forest management? Health care?  Hell no.  This is separate money.  So give it a rest.  You’re barking up the wrong tree.

If you want to protest mismanagement of funds, go protest your local farmer.  He’s very effective at yanking money out of your pocket to pay for his “failing” farm that took weather damage and can barely subsist.  Trust me on this, I grew up in a farm community…it’s bullshit.  The farmers are doing way better than they like you to believe.  For almost a century, the farmers have complained about how hard it is to survive.  In Canada, that’s just not true.  How abouts you protest the corporate tax break group?  They steal more money from you than the olympics ever will.  Or here’s an idea…protest the oil, automobile and forestry groups.  You already have experience with them, and frankly you aren’t incorrect to protest them…they get more of the money than they should.  How about translink?  Their stupid “honor system” of seabus and skytrain ticketing costs you millions a year.  Millions that WOULD go to social housing and health care if they weren’t pissing it away by letting every third rate skid ride for free.  Oh wait…ripping off skytrain is how 40% of you GET to your lame olympic protests.

Why the heck are you protesting something thats A: a good thing for tourism and our economy long term (unless it’s grossly mismanaged like 1976 Montreal or Translink) , B: is gonna happen anyways and C: isn’t paid for with a dime of money that would have gone to anything you want it to go to.  And I could even add a D:  Is all about peace and harmony, which is definitely one thing we all could use more of.

So what incited my ire towards olympic protesters today?  Opening the Province today and seeing a picture of the Olympic Countdown clock vanalized with a “Free Betty” stencil.  OMFG…not only are you vandalizing something that just plain isn’t yours to vandalize, you’re mixing up your causes!   First…you vandalized public property.  You didn’t chain yourself to a tractor or a bulldozer and are costing a big evil corporation profits, you cost the taxpayers several thousand dollars to clean up your stupidity.  Are you really that thick?  YOU ARE SUPPOSEDLY PROTESTING THE MISUSE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS!!!  And then you incite the pissing away of tax money. Idiot! Secondly…Betty Krawczyk was jailed for a logging protest.  Logging…olympics…logging…olympics.  They are completely unrelated. They’re spelled differently.   IT DOESN’T COMPUTE!  So come on…give your holier than thou head a shake.

This all goes back to something I said in here once about how often protesters and activists don’t do themselves any favours.  It’s not all of them…I know a couple serious activists who are genuinely sweet and high integrity people.  The leaders of these groups tend to not do this stupid shit.  But some moron does stuff like this, and it turns the general public so far off your cause, it’s extremely detrimental to any respect and validity the movement may have.   What’s really disturbing (and I don’t know if this is the media’s fault or the protest groups’ fault), is that the anti poverty/anti olympics/ anti whatever it is groups *appear* to never condemn or deny association with these titweasels.    Would it be hard for one of these charismatic leaders to stand up and say “We have no use for nor do we want support from people too stupid to separate protest from vandalism and violence”.  I tell you what, you’d earn a hell of a lot more respect from me and others in the general public if u did that.

Anyways, today’s vandal coupled with the rock throwing losers from a few weeks ago have incited a rant.  So there.


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  1. Cage on

    That must have felt good….you tell ’em Clay!

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