Quotes heard at my brother’s wedding…

So I’ve been away for a few days to Red Deer and Calgary for my brother’s wedding.  I have a new baby sister in law, which means I now have more sisters than brothers.  I have a native-Canadian sister, a Japanese sister and now a Black sister.   Since Ruth is a Filipino/East Indian, in order to complete our united nations family my First Nations sister will be forced to marry either a Hispanic man or the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones (that’s a quote from my brother during his speech, btw).  Anyways, more about the wedding itself later…for now here are some random quotes I heard at the wedding:

“I’ve had 22 birthdays now”  (My grandma, who was born on Feb 29…)

“You’re my favorite brother” (My Japanese sister in law…of course I think she says that to everyone)

“Regarding the foul language, I’ll see you in my office later” (My older sister to the Bride’s brother [she’s a teacher])

“So you are next then?” (My Gramma to me and Ruth)

“So when are you getting married then?”  (see above…about an hour later)

“As the noobie, you now get to carry all the pressure of getting with child that the rest of us have borne for the past ten years”  (My sister to the bride)

“So…no arranged marriage in your future then?”  (My mom to my girlfriend)  (!!!! oy!!!!)

“It’s peanut butter jelly tiiiiime” (Ruth)

“I actually LIKE this one”  (Father of the bride about my brother)

“I think i’m in trouble…she’s been talking to mom for half an hour”  (my other brother about his wife)

“You’re putting on weight”  (virtually everyone to me 😦  )

“I brought you a gift, but it was confiscated by airport security” (Takako)

“Beijing has a target number of blue sky days per year, and I don’t think they’ve ever actually attained it…there’s a lot of pollution”  (My brother [he and Takako live in Beijing])

“There will be no white people or black people in the future, only beige”  (A comedian on a little video my dad made up)

“Thats us!”  (Ruth and I in unison when the above comedian made a joke about dutch and filipino’s having hollapino babies [I’m half dutch she’s half filipino]) (it’s funnier verbalized than text based)

“OK maybe i’ve been a little grumpy”  (Rose [the bride] to her mother)

“I like her…she definitely has my acceptance”  (Rose to me about Ruth) (not that I ever doubted it)

“OMG that’s incredible prime rib” (me and virtually everyone else who ate it…it was incredible)

“HOLY CRAP! Gas for under 90 cents a liter!!!!”  (me)


3 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    Hurry up with the pics!

  2. purplegables on

    Clay, those quotes are GREAT! Reminds me of overheardinnewyork.com. Hey… maybe you can start up overheardinreddeer.com – hmm, gotta check if that url is taken…! p.s. who’s the Great Gazoo??

  3. purplegables on

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I found this a week ago: http://www.overheardinvancouver.ca/

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