NiN “Hurt” … Covered again…

If you read my blog much, you probably know that the Downward Spiral is one of the uber important albums in my life. Well today a co-worker sent me a new cover of “Hurt” that’s brilliant. I don’t know who’s version I like best; Trent Reznors for that crazy desperation in his voice, Johnny Cash’s for that incredible melancholy or this new one for it’s desperate melancholy. Anyways…enjoy.


2 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    *L* That was great! But sad. I liked the part where Kermit looked longingly at the photo of him and Jim Henson.

  2. femme on

    soooooo good. i ‘stole’ it for my blog, too. mwa ha ha ha!

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