Seems to me that someone forgot what the internet is about…

I don’t know if I see the point of this “Bloggers Code of Conduct” First off…who stood up and appointed you as the writing police, and secondly… what makes you think that your idea of a good community is the same as mine? And thirdly, IT’S MY BLOG!!! Why should I need to conform to any standards of who i respond to or how i respond to them other than my own? I could be wrong here, but I believe this started because two bloggers started dissing each other or something, and someone took it upon themselves to appoint themself as guardian of the internet. Uhhh… am I the only one who sees the ridiculousness of that? Apparently not… I actually became aware of this wierdness due to this post by John Scalzi.

In all seriousness, the real blogger code of conduct should be as follows:

1: Write what you want, when you want, how you want. It’s your site and your readership or non-readership. If your writing sucks ass (as mine usually does 😛 ) then it sucks ass. If your writing offends people, then it offends people. Deal with it.

2: Allow comments by anybody, nobody, everbody or just your bestest friends. Again, no one should care but you. If some idiot put a comment on my blog that I found offensive, I’d either verbally slay them with my magic keyboard of death, or I’d delete their lame ass. Sometimes ranty discussion is fun, dammit, and sometimes it’s just offensive blather…it’s up to me to decide which direction I want to go with any comment! (although, everyone who comments on my site is smarter than me anyways, so the whole ranty discussion idea goes out the window…)

3: It’s your site…do what u want and deal with the consequences.

4: Ignore this code of conduct, cuz as number 3 says, it’s your site and u can do whatever the hell you want.

One thing that did strike me about this code of conduct when I went and read it, is that it really doesn’t say anything beyond basic common sense. What pisses me off about this is why would these guys figure they get to take credit for basic common sense? If they had contentious codes in there like “Thou shalt not ever write about Hockey Fights” or “Peanut Butter-Jelly Time will not visit the blog at any time” then I could just laugh it off to someone’s ridiculous joke or satire. But as it is now, it’s a pretentious soap boxy “i’m smarter and more important than you” bit of ridiculousness that’s funny solely in the fact that they’re serious.

Read Scalzi’s post for a much better written discussion on this…


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