Stanley Cup Check in/Follow up

OK well so far, I’m batting zero 😦 Well, actually I’m batting 1,000 as far as winning teams, but my game count has been off in every case. Let’s look at what we have.


1: Wings vs Flames: My great hope to call it correctly. With the series tied at 2, Detroit can still win it in 6. Bertuzzi’s playing well and will be the foil to the Iginla factor in the next two games. Calgary just doesn’t have the talent. That red filled arena is cool tho, but in the end, DIE FLAMES DIE!!! Oops…the Oiler in me jumped out for a second. New Prediction: Detroit in 7.

2: Ducks vs Wild: I said Ducks in 7 or 4; it was 5. I said that it would be a long series without much scoring or a short one with a lot. It was a short one without much scoring. Yeah ok I sucked at this one. Did pick the team tho.

3: Canucks vs Stars: Who knew that this would be the most exciting series since, I dunno, forever! Everyone expected a low scoring snooze fest between two defensively capable teams. The teams are virtually dopplegangers for each other. Think about this: Vancouver: Brendan Morrison, Dallas: Brendan Morrow. Vancouver: Sedin, Dallas: Sydor. Vancouver: Matthias Ohlund, Dallas: Matthias Nordstrom. Coincidences? I don’t think so…Dallas is our evil twin! I predicted Canucks in 5, but I missed by (I’m saying) one. I had thought that Vancouver would come out and pepper Turco with shots, giving him a complex and getting under his skin. On the contrary, Turco has been magnificent, Luongo spectacular, and there’s been lots of end to end edge of the seat action. When I look at some of the other teams’ stats it just amazes me how good the goaltending is in our series. in game one Luongo faced 76 shots!!! And only let in four!!!! Much as I wanted Vancouver to win last night at home, as a hockey fan I am LOVING this series. Now if only someone would give that cowardly little weasel Nagy the bootfuck pummelling he deserves, it would be the perfect hockey series. I’d say the same about Steve Ott if we didn’t have Burrows. New prediction: Canucks in 6

4: Sharks vs Predators: My other great hope to nail it. I said Sharks in 5 because they’re meaner. Tonight could prove me right. There has been some nastiness in this series, but all the way the Sharks have controlled the pace and the tone. I’ll tell you one thing tho…with .89x save percentages, niether of these teams would have much luck against either Luongo (.953) or Turco (.949). I’m gonna say that Nashville will win tonight, but San Jose in 6.


1: Sabres vs Islanders: I predicted the Islanders to be the Cinderella team this year. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a repeat of ’94 and have a Vancouver/New York final with one of them being the cinderella surprise team, except with the roles reversed this time (yes, I know that was the Rangers, but I like the underdog to go all the way!)? However, my resolve in the Islanders doing it has faltered a bit. They’re down 3-1, and if they do mount the comeback it will be spectacular. I’m going to stay on my previous prediction for now, even tho my heart’s not in it as much. Islanders in 7.

2: Devils vs Lightning: I said Jersey in 5, and put the win on Brodeur. It looks like Lecavalier and the rest of the lightning HAVE figured him out, and it’s a series. I can’t say that disappoints me, but I still think New Jersey is the team to win this one. New Jersey in 6.

3: Thrashers vs Rangers: Boy did I miss this one. I figured it to be the most exciting series of the eastern first round. I guess it was if you’re a rangers fan. The Thrashers got thrashed, and it’s like they didn’t even show up. Seriously, 7-0 in the playoffs?? Oy. You’d think Cloutier was in goal. Anyways, this is what happens when u don’t see the teams much; you have to go on stats and news reports. I did get the team correct, although I wonder if the Rangers will have an overconfidence issue moving forwards.
4: Sens vs Pens: Missed this one by one too. Maybe i had my Canadian team counts backwards. The Penguins really do remind me of the 1983 Oilers, except they didn’t go all the way to the final and lose there. Maybe the ’82 Oilers. If ever a team had the opportunity to become a dynasty in the new NHL, the Penguins are it if they can afford to keep that young talent. Sidney Crosby will do to today’s game what Wayne Gretzky did to the game 25 years ago. And he’s got the teammates to help him do it; he even has his Mark Messier and Jari Kurri. Anyways, yay for Ottawa winning, and I think they’ll go deep. All Canadian final??? Mmmm…

So at the end of it all i’ve been accurate with the teams, but almost completely wrong about the game counts so far. But, that doesn’t really matter if you followed my picks in your pool. As I’m sure no one did, actually. 😛



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