10 days between posts…Oh Noes!!

Sorry…been both busy and uninspired.  I have a good soundtrack post in my head though…just need to put it down.

Regarding the playoffs, I’m over my mourning for the ‘nucks and now I’m going to go with Ottawa in 5 (purely based on the last two games…Ottawa totally has the the Sabres’ number) and the Ducks in 6 or 7.  Ottawa looks absolutely unstoppable this playoffs, and it’s just exciting to watch them.  Game one of Ottawa – Buffalo was the first eastern game I watched right through this playoffs, and man…it was WAY better hockey than anything I’ve seen in the west.  The goaltending’s not quite as spectacular, but holy crap it’s entertaining hockey!  The Ducks and the Wings are pretty close, but after the way they whupped us I like the ducks alot.  It’s tied now but the Ducks have the secret weapons of Giguere and of course my least favorite offensive defenseman in the nhl Chris Pronger (it’s a personality thing, not a talent thing…he just comes off as an arrogant prick to me). Heck I don’t think they have a bad line at all except the seldom used fourth.  And even they are real good.  I think that neither Detroit or Anaheim can give either Ottawa or Buffalo much of a challenge, so I fear the cup will be going east this year.  Hopefully in Canada…


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  1. kasia on

    I’ve also been lazy in my postings lately… I blame it on the sunshine! 🙂

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