From the “Why America is Messed Up” file…

Ok this guy really pisses me off.  Not only is he wasting resources and time with an obviously ridiculous lawsuit, HE’S A FREAKING JUDGE!!!  Has America become that Litiginous that someone who is sworn to uphold the very court system he’s possibly abusing is able to get away with suing some poor korean immigrants for 54 Million dollars???  OVER PANTS????? Seriously….dude…as the kids say these days, “WTF???”  Buy yourself some new pants.  Matter of fact, maybe we’ll start a charity website where people can donate you all the pants you want or need.  You could become the pants king of DC!

I should probably be careful what I say here or the dude will sue me for 72.4 trazillion dollars for defamation of character and misrepresentation of…i dunno, something.  Cuz we all know someone who would pull this is salt among men, a true pillar of justice and upholds those famous American values of entrepreneurship and rewarding hard work so well.  Personally, if I was American I’d want to start a class action suit against this guy for a bunch of money for flagrant misuse of resources and weight on the courts.  Of course it may not matter, cuz when his wife realizes what a stand up guy he is, she’ll divorce him and take it all anyways…  Ahhh one can dream.  His karma barrel must be swimming with happy happy.

Here’s the link from Rueters:;_ylt=AlW5SlJ81Og20xT0WKbC2IsE1vAI


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  1. femme on

    “The case raises serious questions about his judgment and temperament,” the newspaper wrote in an editorial.

    um. ya think?

    i don’t even have anything nice to say about this. it is probably the most ludicrous thing i have ever heard. seriously. ever. wow…

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