No Fly List: Are we apathetic to let it happen?

fas·cism [fash-iz-uhm] –noun

1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

I dunno, maybe this will get me on the list, which would suck cuz I travel alot, but man…I’m kinda pissed about the no-fly list. See here in Canada we just launched enforcement of a no-fly list for domestic flights as well as those to the US. Theoretically you or I could walk to the airport to take a flight to visit Auntie Isabelle in Chicoutimie (btw, I don’t actually have an auntie Isabelle in Chicoutimie), and find out that we’re not allowed on the plane. The flying ban lasts 72 hours and you may be able to convince them to let you on…but you are completely and utterly never able to get off the list. Now, this could be a minor inconvenience for a few hours. But what if your Auntie in Chicoutimie only has a few days before the cancer takes her life? Now you’ve lost your chance to say goodbye.

And why did you miss the last rites of your favorite Auntie before she died? Because your name is phonetically similar to someone the US government thinks might possibly have some loose ties to a terrorist organization. Wait a second…the US Government? Yup…that’s right, thanks to George FTW Bush’s sycophant and booty kisser Stephen Harper, we get to be told who’s on the no-fly list. By another country. Without consulting the people. DAMN I love the process democracy is known for! Oh wait…

So I have to wonder…how did this state of being come about? Have we been so apathetic that we just let the fear mongers take over? I’m all for security when i’m flying, but I really don’t think tromping all over the rights we enjoy as free world residents is the way to get it. Pay and train baggage handlers, hire better and more efficient gate security, and have the authorities take a bit of ownership on the problem. This bullshit of relying on a massive list of people who’s rights the airlines are allowed to violate is ridiculous, and frankly I think we should find some way to stop letting government to bully us around in the name of protection. The Bush administration (and several more before that one) utilized foreign policies that created the desperation and anger directed at us now, and yet the general population gets to pay for it with what is effectively a massive violation of international law.

Anyways, before I get too ranty, let me leave it at I’m a bit concerned about where we’re going as a society, and about the forces that pushed us in that direction. We are indeed living in interesting times.


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  1. Duane on

    Dude, you’re like six years late on being upset about this. It’s amazing how many freedoms and rights have been eroded since 9/11 down south, and even some up here. People have just stood by making concession after concession.

    I think history will judge our generation not by our actions, but rather by our inactions.

  2. twitchy67 on

    Hmmm…a comment crafted to get a rise out of me and throw a little insult over the wall? OK, I’ll play, but I’ll leave out the digs. 😛
    Well actually, I’m not six years late and if u look thru my blog and my previous mad voiper blog you’ll see comments about the ridiculousness of the culture of fear occasionally popping up throughout. I’ve been speaking about the war crimes committed by Bush and Cheney since the beginning of the bullshit Iraq war, and I’ve noted the blatant shitting upon basic human rights at Guatanamo since they first threw a bunch of people in there and left them to rot and be abused. Shit, I even wrote a song that you heard us play live called George FTW Bush (Fuck The World). The reason I write a specific post about it NOW is that its just one too many things, and this one affects me and possibly the ability to do my job properly. And I gotta say… I haven’t seen a whole lot about this on your blog in the couple years i’ve been supporting it.

  3. Duane on

    Wasn’t meant as an insult dude. I totally agree with what you were saying. My point was this has been ongoing for six years now, and we’re so far along down the path of losing rights it’s not even funny.

  4. twitchy67 on

    Well, I didn’t take it as a “real” insult…but u did word it to be a bit of a challenge 😉 But yes, we are deep in the throes of an Orwellian administration.

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