Oh, the places we’ll go…

I was going to comment here how I haven’t written much because I’ve been doing a bit of travelling.  But then I realized I haven’t really done that much in the past couple of weeks, and frankly I’ve just been lazy.  Then I started thinking about all the places I’ve been in my life, and what were my top 5 faves (New York city, Chiang Mai in Thailand, New Orleans during Mardi Gras, San Francisco, Chicago) and bottom 5 least faves(San Jose, Minneapolis, Phuket, Winnipeg, Virginia outside of DC).  From there I went to places I’d like to go to but haven’t yet.  It’s a pretty big list.  So I abridged it for here, and it’s in no particular order.

A Tibetan trek. Perhaps not the big Everest climb, cuz I’d probably die halfway up being a chubby barely reformed smoker and all, but a trek thru the mountains and villages, either on yak or even foot.  It’s always interested me, and it’s a rare “eco/adventure-tourism” desire of mine.

The Pyramids at Giza.  It’s probably a little dangerous these days, but I’ve always been interested in Egyptology.  Not interested enough to make a career of it or anything, but a passing interest in ancient cultures in general.  Actually that whole middle east/northern africa area would be cool to visit and see.  Being a western Canadian, culture here ends at 200 years ago. The Pyramids are somewhat older than that.

Spain and Portugal.  The idea of shutting down work for 2 hours every afternoon appeals to me 🙂 .  Plus, it’s the part of Europe that’s always appealed to me most for some reason.  The friendly people and the food and the warm days and the old stone architecture…all things I’d enjoy immensely.  And I could take a boat to Ibiza for beaches, bars and bikinis.

Taipei.  Everything I’ve heard about Taipei in general has been very positive.  Maybe on the same trip I’d swing over and visit my brother in Beijing and maybe see the Great Wall of China.  That would be a couple timezones, but it would be a real good trip I think.  I’ve always loved SouthEast Asia.  And I’d like to go to the top of  Taipei 101 (or at least the observation level).

Quebec City.  Seriously.   For some time I’ve thought it would be cool to see old Quebec in the summer time, and with all my travels in the Eastern North America regions, I’ve never been to Quebec.  It would be the architecture for me.  Maybe the Poutine too, but the old buildings first.

Austin, Tx.  I drove past Austin on a recent trip from San Antonio to Dallas, and was itching to stop for lunch there.  We didn’t have the time to do so, but it would have been cool.  The thing that appeals to me about Austin is the music scene.   Austin’s underground and blues music scenes are legendary, and from what i’ve been told even the street music there is amazing.

Rio during Carnivale.  Even tho it’s the land of pickpockets and kidnapping outside of the touristy areas, the touristy areas would be cool enough.  I’ve seen the pictures…what an amazing looking festival.  Energy and color and free spirit thinking… yeah!  Think Mardi Gras squared.

Iceland.  But not for long.  Just long enough to see the cool steaming rocks and stuff.  Maybe have some crazy fish type food.  Maybe Bjork would be around.

Vietnam.  In particular I’d like to scoot over and see Angkor Wat (which is actually in Cambodia) and explore Hanoi and Phnom Penh.  There are all kinds of cool interesting sites along the Mekong delta.  The food is great as well.  When I was in Chiang Mai we drove up to Chiang Rai and then to the Golden Triangle, which allows you to view Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam, and I thought Vietnam looked really interesting.  Of course that was from across the Mekong which is a pretty big river, so it may have just been an illusion.

There are a bunch of other places I’d really like to see as well, but I could write for days about where I want to go.  This is just a few.


2 comments so far

  1. femme on

    egypt!!! is my obsession and biggest dream since i can remember. i WILL get there someday, regardless of the potential “danger”… i think about this once a day. kinda hard not to when you have the pyramids tattooed on your body, heh.

    i’d also REALLY like to go to machu picchu – walk the inka trail up and hang out for a day or two… swim in lake titicaca.

    i loooove history. apparently. i’m practically drooling 😉

  2. twitchy67 on

    Yeah I was going to put Machu Pichu in there too, but i could have gone on all day and all night with places…

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