Crazy From the Heat…

I wanna live it up, wanna quit my job,
tell the boss to go to hell.
I ain’t complainin’, you do the best with what you got.
I know you’re laughin’ ’cause it’s easy to tell

I’m goin’ crazy, goin’ crazy,
oo, from the heat.

Goin Crazy, David Lee Roth, Eat em and Smile


Yeah, not just anyone can whip off a David Lee Roth solo album quote… At the time, though, it was a great album…Steve Vai on guitar, Billy Sheehan on bass, Diamond Dave singing… all the most over the top 80’s music personalities on their respective instruments.


Anyways, that’s not the point of the post. It’s been HOT. Records have been broken, old people dying and not a fan to be found in the local walmart/canadian tire/sears store. Not that I particularly need one, as I have a couple plus a portable air conditioner. It’s not so much that it’s hot outside; that’s a good thing. It’s that my stupid apartment has a heating system that NEVER TURNS OFF! It’s pushing 30 degrees outside and my lame assed apartment has no access to control the baseboard heaters. So I can touch them and their exuding heat. Seriously wtf. And unlike I believe the building code specifies, there is no access to it in my apartment to turning it off via a breaker or even a working thermostat. I’ve sent a repair order down: absolutely zero response. I bet I’d get a response if I withheld my rent…


Anyways, so it’s hot. Which means slurpees and ice cream and shorts. And lots of showers. I dig the heat, but I don’t perform the best in the heat; I tend to get lethargic and full of desire for cold beer and/or ice cream. I don’t eat as well in the heat cuz I’m just not all that hungry . But I still love it. If only I could make my apartment habitable during the heat it would be the perfect summer weather.


Unfortunately and fortunately it looks like our little heat wave will be ending this week. I say fortunately because here people tend to get a bit wacky after a long period of intense heat. I say unfortunately cuz it means it’s not as hot and i won’t necessarily get to sit on my balcony in shorts with a beer in hand late at night. Not that I’ve done a huge amount of that in this heatwave, as I’ve only got one deck chair as of now, but still… I want the opportunity. Anyways, that’s really all I had to say…it’s not everyday I have an excuse to quote David Lee Roth band lyrics (thank goodness!).


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