America’s Got Talent…??? Not on this show…

I don’t know who’s worse…the judges or the contestants, but overall what a load of crap this show is. I watched last week and this week to see the 20 finalists, and I gotta say…if this is the best that America’s got to give on the talent side, I fear greatly for the artistic future of that country. Seriously… I didn’t think it was possible to see a TV contest that makes the karaoke singers of Idol seem talented, but this one does it. Out of the 20 finalists, I saw maybe four or five acts that interested me and two that I thought were really good. I did like the four young kids doing 50’s rock and roll, and at least one of the solo singers was really good (uh…and it wasn’t that talentless 14 year old girl who can’t hold a pitch, yet got all the votes cuz she’s cute…good job america). I also thought the 3 girls singing a-capella last night were pretty good, and the one girl looked like Katie Holmes in dark make up (Katie Homegirl?).

I thought the beat box chick was awesome, and I thought the ventriloquist guy was really good…but come on…the lip synching drag queen male britney guy should just stop stealing minutes from people’s lives, and even worse, the wannabe bollywood guy who couldn’t dance, sing or even lipsynch for shit. And the big girls…stop trying to sell an act on the basis of being overweight…learn how to sing and get some talent, ffs. There are plenty of big girls (and guys for that matter) who sing just fine and didn’t make their fame based on their size and dressing 3 sizes too small…these girls put both the womens movement and the fat people movement back about 15 years. Don’t even get me started about the flamer martial arts “dancers”…lame lame lame.

And then there’s the judges… Now, usually I’m a fan of Sharon Osbourne. She’s funny, she’s smart, and she took a marginally talented booze soaked singer and turned him into the godfather of metal. If you didn’t know Sharon’s been Ozzy’s manager since the Black Sabbath days; her dad was Sabbath’s manager and that’s how they met. She was kind of Sabbath’s Yoko Ono; Ozzy quit the band and went solo, and some blamed the Sharon influence. Anyways…as I said usually I’m a fan. But on this show…oy… is she forced via contract to say she likes some of these obviously horrid “entertainers”? Cuz man…someone who’s been around the music world as much and for as long as her you would think had a clue. Then there’s that useless englishman. WTF is this guy? He likes the worst shit and dislikes the talented ones. He must be an aging record exec. He’s soooo smarmy with these people, and I’m guessing he’s Simon Cowell’s yes man, trying to manipulate the viewing audience into voting for “good TV” as opposed to talent. Finally, Hoff…the Hoffmeister. Seriously…you peaked as Michael Knight, and even that was lame. I’ve never seen anyone with less of a clue about what’s entertaining, and never in a reality TV show has a judges comments been less relevant, meaningful or even intelligent. It’s like they made a conscious decision to make him this show’s Paula, except Paula Abdul actually has a clue about entertainment and the Hoffster doesn’t. I think he should stick with drinking, and having his daughter film it, cuz at least that’s somewhat compelling…compelling like a car wreck, mind you.

Yeah, all in all, in a plethora of awful reality TV judged contest shows, this show wins for most off the mark and most obvious Simon Cowell tool to pad his bank account.


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  1. Cage on

    Just turn the TV off and do something better…I’m sure Ruth will help you think of something.

  2. twitchy67 on

    Holy cow haven’t heard from you in ages! Nice to see you back KJ. Anyways, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV and when I do it’s seldom network tv. I was just disappointed cuz I kind of had hopes for this show being better than it was…trust me, there’s lots of other things for me to do 😉

  3. Cage on

    I thought you said you weren’t into TV that much…sorry our talent here disappoints but that’s really on the judges, if you asked me. I’m thinking they should add someone like you to the panel, then they might have something worth watching.

  4. twitchy67 on

    Heh don’t misunderstand me, please…I’m not knocking America’s talent…. I’m knocking this show for picking talentless shmaltz instead of the rafts of talent out there. I know America’s got talent…I’ve walked down the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras and seen the performers, been to fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco and seen those performers, been to seedy little bars in downtown Seattle/New York/Chicago/Dallas etc and seen some amazing musicians, comedians and dancers… Just this show really picked the crap to showcase.

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