Ahhhh TV… The lows, the highs…

Man…I’m starting to sound like a TV hound…

I really don’t watch that much, but I do tend to comment on things I see there occasionally. First off, due to it’s passing-a-horrible-car-wreck, aren’t-we-ridiculous-as-a-culture attraction, I was in a situation where I had to watch alot of Age of Love. Ok… do I even need to comment on this bag of crap? First off…dude…tennis players the world over are embarrassed because of you…especially Australian ones. I work with one, and I know…he’s been pouty and near tears, hiding his head in shame for both his country and his sport since this show began. Don’t worry…we know that not all Australians and not all tennis players are ridiculous gits. Although, we do also know they all fancy themselves “players”… hrmmm…

Anyways, this train wreck was hilarious in it’s idiocy. The 40 year olds they picked were all miracles of modern surgery, and the 20 year olds were the most annoying bunch of lame ass wanna be club girls I’ve seen since… well since the last time I went to a club I guess. Who does the poor guy pick… a gushy 20 year old stalker who’s bound to be cooking his rabbit in 3 years, or an almost 50 year old cougar with silicon works of art and mad manipulation skills? Well duh…he picked the one who’s not gonna look like a prune in 10 years. And who can still have babies so he can inflict more ditzy australian tennis players on the world. Man…this show made me realize how much cooler new zealanders really are. (hehe that was just a dig at the class aussie, who has indicated numerous times how he wishes he was a kiwi…) Anyways…yeah…Age of Love. Wow. Bring back Beauty and the Geek! Matter of fact this could have been called Beauty and the athletic Geek…

Last night was the first episode of power of ten. Yet another gameshow under the “millionaire” format, and hosted by Drew Carey. I dug the show…I don’t know if I would if it wasn’t Drew Carey hosting it, but as it was it was a good entertaining game show. The very first contestant won a million dollars, which means it may not have a long run (that could get expensive) but it made everyone a fan. Basically the idea is that they poll Americans on various silly things and the contestant has to guess what percentage of people selected a or b. For the first question you have a 40 pt margin of error, then 30, then 20 then 10. The prize starts at 1000 dollars and goes up by the power of ten on each question. If you get one wrong, you go back to your previous prize amount and your done. You can quit at any time too. All in all a good concept, and like most of the others, relies on people’s greed to take them one step too far. The kid playing last night stopped at 1 million, and good on him. Anyways I thought the show was funny, and drew was, as always, entertaining and likeable. And the best part of the show?? No one got voted off.

It’s a bit distressing that everything “creative” in our society is a rehash of something that was successful, only not nearly as good? Idol to Popstars to America’s got Talent… Survivor to Amazing Race to The Bachelor to Beauty and the Geek to Age of Love… each one is worse than the previous, but follows the format. Here’s my idea: A game show where a group of people have to answer questions that get progressively harder, and when you miss one you get kicked off the show. Also, the tv audience can vote by dialing 1-800-lame-001 thru 010. If you got a question wrong and left that way, you could still come back via the votes. The winner would get to date either the second place or the last place contestant, based on audience polling and how much ratings it would get. This would be a winning show! Throw Omarossa from the Apprentice in there, and have Richard Dawson host it, and it just couldn’t lose! IF you needed more ratings have a washed up athlete come in and ask one of the questions. Yeah! Man…I’m good…the guy who hired the programming wiz who thought Age of Love would be good should probably hire me! …..


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  1. Rosie on

    *L* Maybe you should whip up an official proposal to a neowork!

  2. The Aussie on

    As a proud Australian what Mark Philoppousis is doing on that show is a disgrace. does he not realise the shame he brings to us? i mean if he was America it would be ok, they are used to doing embarrassing things (just kidding). its not like he needs the money, he won over 20m during his unfulfilled potential career.

    this is the same guy who has had “relations” with Anna Kournikova and our Delta Goodrem.

    Maybe it would be justice if he goes for the old boiler who will take him for a ride and his money, even though i dont condone this sort of behaviour that is apparently common place in North American culture, but would it be bad for it to happen to Philoppousis? i mean it couldnt happen to a nicer guy could it?

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