Hecklers are funny…

So if you check the comments, you’ll see two from some zero calling himself robot pope.  Obviously someone with a short man complex and lack of a sex life, but it’s hard to confirm that cuz the loser doesn’t have the balls to not post anonymously.  It’s pretty easy to write off donkeys like this, as their lack of courage precludes any chance of validity in what they’re saying.  I guess it’s like the old saying “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.

My first thought when I see stuff like that is to just delete it; these people are not smart enough to realize that I own the delete key on this site.  But then, after mulling it over for a second, I figure that either A: this is someone I know trying to be funny or B: it’s some titweasel with such a lame excuse for a life he needs to search out blogs to be an ass on.  Either way, here’s a little bait and a challenge to this person:  reveal yourself, or just stop wasting everyone’s air.   OK? Thanks.

Oh and by the way, regarding poker… donks like you may beat me once, but in the end I not only get all my money back, but you give me yours as well.  Guys like you have been keeping guys like me in the money for years.


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