I’ll try to do better…

It’s been like WAY too long since I wrote a blog, I’ve just not been in blog mode.  Haven’t even written in my cooking blog, and that one makes me money!   I’ve kind of been busy, but I also just haven’t taken the time to sit down and write anything of substance.  And if you come here much, you know me…if I have nothing of substance to write, I write anyways. Er…

So what’s been going on in rant trap land?  Well, I’ve been putting a couple of things together at work that have taken a certain amount of focus, and I’ve been basking in the warm glow of love which takes a certain amount of focus, and I bought a new car.  Er…not necessarily in that order.  I’m six months now as a non smoker too, which is a nice accomplishment.  I still want one every day….

It was thanksgiving weekend here in Canada this past one, and that involved an extra day off and a boatload of food last night.  On Sunday Ruth and I went across the border to do some shopping (now that our buck is worth more than the US dollar, and prices are still lower down there…well, you do the math).  In my world, George Bush and the republicans have finally done something right; while flatlining the US economy they’ve made it affordable to shop there as a Canuckian.   We drove down to Tulalip cuz there’s a big outlet mall there and then went to a large shopping center in Everett or something.  I bought myself a pair of Diesel jeans, a nice dress shirt and some books.  Ruth bought a bunch of clothes and shoes.  I almost bought some kitchen goodies at the Le Crueset outlet store, but decided to wait until the new year to grow my kitchen anymore.  Maybe I should actually get used to the stuff I have first anyways.

Last night Ruth’s mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner for us and them, and maaaaan did she put out a spread.  I don’t know alot about turkey, but the one she cooked looked pretty huge to me.  We had that and stuffing and some zucchini loaf and of course mashed potatoes and gravy.  For desert…pumpkin pie of course.  I ate WAYYY to much, and i’m still struggling to digest it 21 hours later.  AND I got to bring some leftover’s to work for lunch today!  Ruth’s parents are both really good cooks and I always appreciate an invitation to dinner there.  Of course, Ruth is a great cook as well, but eating at her parents always gives us a bit of variety.

At the end of september the lease was expiring on my old piece of crap car, so I had to go through the process of finding a new one.  I wanted something NOT domestic (never again, unless it’s a supercar), relatively inexpensive, but nicely appointed.  I’m not too worried about crazy amounts of power, but I like a little bit of get-up-and-go and I really like a nice tight sports car style suspension.  Fuel economy was a factor too.  I was kind of settled into either a Civic, a Mazda 3 or 6, or a Nissan Altima.  I kept an open mind and took a look at the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Subaru Impreza and the VW City Jetta, but the lancer and the impreza were just plain cheap looking and feeling, and the jetta was just ok, but had a crappy lease rate.  I did kind of like the little Mitsubish sport utility, but I’m just not a sport ute guy.   For all the talk about Civic’s, they are utterly gutless if you don’t buy the Si and  although the fuel economy is very good, they just don’t do much for me.

So in the end I went to Morrey Mazda in the North shore auto mall and bought a Mazda 3.  I was just going to get a plain one, with auto so Ruth could drive it (she doesn’t drive standard), but they had a demo on the lot with sunroof and leather seats.  We were able to get a deal on that one, but when I went to pick it up someone had sold it out from under me.  So they got me a brand new one for the same price!  Good service is not dead.  I found my experience at Morrey mazda to be pleasant, no pressure, flexible, all in all a good purchase experience.  The car is red (it was that or grey (yawn) or a somewhat cheesy phantom blue), has a 6 disc in dash CD player, a plug in for my iPod, and is all in all nicely equipped.  The sound system is great, the power everything is nice, and (it’s always the little things…) I totally dig the auto windshield wipers.  It senses the moisture on the windshield and sets the wiper speed accordingly.  Which is ever so cool, cuz it actually works.  The only questionable things about the car are 1) there is no way to open the trunk without using the key…no button anywhere and not one on the keychain either.  This is a royal pain in the pooter by Mazda, and makes me scratch my head.  A 10,000 dollar Kia has a trunk release, ffs.  Anyways, 2) when the headlights are on the dash lights are too dim in daylight.  I run with headlights whenever I drive, day or night, as it’s safer and in the daylight the dashboard is really hard to read.  And 3) the auto setting for the headlights is dumb, cuz again, you can’t run in the daylight with them on.  You know, with todays technology, why on earth can’t a car company figure out a way for the lights to be on when you’re running and off when you’re not?? IT’s that easy, really.  The only control the driver needs is highbeams on or off.  IMO.  Other than those three kinda minor things, i’m really happy with my purchase.  I’d buy from and recommend Morrey again in a pinch, and I’m sold on Mazda as a good car for a low price.  My lease payments ended up being slightly more than my previous car, but for alot more car.  Plus no downpayment.  As I replace my car every few years, a lease makes sense to me, as it’s cheaper.

So yeah…a post of moderate substance.


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  1. Rosie on

    How nice to see you posting again 🙂 Good work on the non-smoking thing!! My man drives a Mazda 3 Sport, and he loves it. I like being a passenger. I always did hate Subarus. The rides are always uncomfortable!!

    Happy post-Thanksgiving!!

    How were the prices at the Le Creuset store?? Were they that much better? I picked up a big dutch oven a few weeks ago from HomeSense for $150. It cost $220 at Williams-Sonoma in the States and $220 at Cookworks!

  2. twitchy67 on

    All in all the Le Creuset store prices were only slightly cheaper than in Canada (which is actually even cheaper with our dollar being higher), BUT they have a whole wall of factory seconds. These are ones with minor flaws in the glaze…which doesn’t mean squat to me cuz I’m just gonna get the finish all dinged anyways over time. These seconds are all around 20% cheaper than the others, and although they maybe don’t have EVERYTHING in seconds, the choice was great. Also the store sells all the le Creuset colors, which may matter if you’re building a matched set. If you need to buy some and wanna save a few bucks, go check it out.

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