A thing of ravishing beauty

I was waiting for Ruth by her place the other day after work, and sat down in the Tim Horton’s with a coffee. Out the window was the most beautiful creature I’ve got to look at for a while. Obviously waiting for someone, for an hour I looked at this ravishing beauty.

Dressed in red, the curves were meticulously crafted, every body part fitting perfectly with every other body part. Perfectly shaped, smooth and completely flawless, this was perfection. I finished my coffee and went and stood outside for a while and tried to surreptitiously examine this heart stopping creature. Sleek and fast, I thought to myself, maaaaan I could get into that!

You see things like this all the time on TV or in print and think, dream maybe, that being involved with such a beauty would be interesting, but not worth the costs associated. But once you’re physically close, close enough to reach out and touch and let your fingers wander around those curves, all thoughts of the price of keeping such a creature go out the window. And the dream changes from “yeah it would be nice, but whatever” to “ooo I gotta fix my situation so I can play in THAT garden”. At least it did in this case.

I’m not so much into ostentatiousness as a rule; I like nice stuff but it never has to be over the top in it’s visual appeal and obvious expense. But, like all rules, there are exceptions. I’ve never really been a fan of owning something like a Ferrari Maranello, but man…looking at this baby for an hour while I was waiting certainly made me see why someone would want to. It was the typical red ferrari, almost identical to the one in the picture below. A picture just doesn’t do it justice though. I was tempted to wait and see who owned it, and ask if I could sit in it (of course, I didn’t; that woulda been a bit wierd)! The seats, the console, everything about it just screamed out “PERFECTLY ENGINEERED!” A close examination of the body revealed no flaws; everywhere that two pieces were connected it was perfectly matched, perfectly symmetrical.

And so I got it; for the first time I could see why someone would buy such a thing, and it’s not just for the image. You could own one and not appear like it was just to compensate for small parts, and I’d say that if I had an extra 155k or so lying around, I would buy one of these. You see these TV shows and they have these guys who have collections of ferrari’s, and all of a sudden I see why. And I didn’t even drive it!



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  1. Cage on

    The Italians certainly know how to make a sexy car.

    Check out the Bugatti too.


  2. twitchy67 on

    Yes, the Veyron is a scary sexy beast… But, at a million bux or whatever, it just doesn’t fall into the same galaxy as anything else.

    I was thinking on it for a bit…when i see a lamborghini, I think “overcompensating, probably a jerk driving it and purchased on credit” when I see a porsche I think “made it financially, but really a conservative person who wishes they could break out more” and when I see a ferrari I think “confident in their success and knows what they want”. With other luxury or super cars different emotions are tweaked. Of course none of these impressions are based on fact or knowing owners of such, just how I view the various cars. When I had that moment with the Maranello, a penny kind of dropped on why someone would buy such a thing. With the Bugatti Veyron, the only emotion that could possibly be tweaked is “oooooooooooooo”. I can’t even imagine what a Veyron owner’s motivation would be, cuz I just don’t know anyone in that income bracket.

  3. Cage on

    I don’t know a soul in that bracket either, but if I’m going to dream…may as well go all the way :-).

  4. twitchy67 on

    Hehehe no doubt!

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