Facebook Funwall, you drive me nuts…

I’m seriously thinking of removing this app. I think it’s a good app. It’s one of the few good apps on facebook; it’s one that can be used on a regular basis and is an effective way of transmitting rich media information to your whole network without having to email everyone. Not that I’ve got a pressing need for such a thing, but I may one day. So why am I thinking of removing this app? Cuz it’s the king of redundancy, that’s why.

I’ve recieved the video of the guy talking about global warming 9 times. First off, this guy is boring, not entertaining, and really not saying anything that I or anyone else didn’t already know. So I don’t need to see it. I recieved the lame ass psuedo irish pub guy singing about Remembrance day about 6 times last week. Yeah yeah we get it, the dude is grocery shopping and not thinking about remembrance day and u wanna punch him. I wanna punch him too. But I also wanna punch the guy singing cuz any irish pubster worth his whiskey wouldn’t whine like that. And just as a bonus, I recieved that video a thousand times last remembrance day too, tho not so much on facebook, just as email spam. I’ve recieved the Hinterland (Who’s Who) Spider’s on drugs video a bunch of times again. Heck I was the one who sent that to all my friends when it came out, oh 42 years ago or so…so maybe that one’s my fault. That one is crazy funny tho… The dancing comedian guy tho?  3 times…not funny, mildly entertaining.

What’s really stupid is that at least twice I recieved the same thing from the same person more than once. Why? How does that happen? Short term memory loss? I don’t blame the people sending this so much as the mechanism…Is there not a way to prevent this from multi-sending the same file? I mean, I know enough to know that would be very difficult to do. But even within a network, couldn’t it be controlled? They can show me when I share friends with someone, that’s a part of facebook itself. Why can’t the funwall people find a way to access that, and if person A in my network sends something to Person B and me, Person B can’t send it to me again? That would make me a bit happier. In a perfect world, the application would use a transport that allows it so put a header in front of the file, much like SIP does with a call (could SIP even work as the transport here?). That header could say to my Facebook page “heyyyy I’m sending you this file…you got it yet?” and if my facebook page already received it, I could send back a header saying “Bah, get lost, I don’t need to see that goofy thing again” and then I could get a message that says “So and so tried to send u a file, but you’ve already seen that file” or something. That would be cool…if difficult to do maybe? I dunno enough about coding to know if it’s even possible today (feel free to speak up all you code warriors out there…both of you who read this blog once in a while…)…

Occasionally something useful comes up.  One of my friends sent a video of her daughter in a production of grease…that’s a valid application.  Sometimes people send a message or whatever…it’s a good way to get it out to all your friends at once.  But the useful ones really are rare.

Anyways…yeah funwall…the good, semi-useful facebook app that drives me nuts. If it wasn’t for the one out of ten files I get that make me laugh myself outta my chair, I’d already have removed it. I might anyway.


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  1. Rosie on

    I don’t have that one 🙂

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