Scott Weiland arrested…again…dammit that sucks

Apparently Scott Weiland was once again arrested on a drug related charge.  On Nov. 21 he crashed his car in Los Angeles, and refused to take a blood or urine test while acting all wacked out on the scooby snacks.  This totally bums me out for some reason.  It’s not that I was a huge fan of Stone Temple Pilots or am a huge fan of Velvet Revolver, but still…when I heard this last night it made me kinda sad.

If you don’t know, Scott Weiland has a history of loving drugs.  He was arrested more than once back in the day for crack, coke, heroin etc.  Just before Velvet Revolver released their first album he spent a long time in rehab, and had apparently cleaned his shit up.  He’s been looking healthy and writing better.  Heck, Last Fight was written about his brother who died of a heroin overdose, so you’d think he’d have got the message.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I was really happy to hear that this talented dude got his shit together and didn’t become one more rock and roll tragedy, Kurt and Courtney style.

Scott Weiland was always the guy that everyone wanted to see clean up and get out of trouble; he’s a hyper talented musician and great frontman….much like Amy Winehouse is now, a full out junkie; puking, dying, getting arrested, messed up, crack and heroin and everything else….  And people want her to succeed and clean up as much as they wanted him to.    As opposed to other over the top front men, he’s more of a real figure than a cartoon or icon, and people can relate to his words and troubles.    He wasn’t just a musician drug user like Bowie or Keith Richards or a cartoonish image of a scene like Nikki Sixx, or a crazy genius like Axl Rose.  I’ve never done hard drugs or had any addiction issues besides cigarettes, but I cheered silently for him and Velvet Revolver when it seemed he cleaned up; much like I cheer for Amy Winehouse to get help and out of the crap.  And in both cases, I’m not even a huge fan…heck I don’t think I’ve even heard an Amy Winehouse song.  But I want to see them both get out and not waste their talents in a needless death like Kurt Cobain or Layne Stayley.

Anyways, I heard this news last night and it both saddened and angered me.  Let’s all hope it was something not related to ‘up’ or ‘down’ and if it was, it’s just a bump in the road to recovery.  My thoughts are with him and his band and his family.



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  1. Duane Storey on

    Good post man. Yah, that’s a shame. I hope he can clean himself up too.

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