Gretzky for commissioner, Led Zeppelin almost live, Pam Anderson sexy?? how??, and other unrelated thoughts

A few things on my mind today:

  1. Wayne Gretzky for commissioner. Why not? Chris Chelios suggested this like 3 years ago, and I don’t think I’ve heard anything about it since. Let’s look at the facts: A: Gretzky was and is probably the best ambassador hockey ever had. Perhaps any other sport too. Maybe Mario Lemieux comes in a distant second in the NHL, but Gretzky was the guy. B: Nobody knows the game or the fans better…nobody. C: Bettman’s just shy of completely incompetent and will destroy the NHL if he continues on…has this guy made any decisions good for the game? 4 on 4 overtime maybe… D: As a coach, well…Wayne I love and respect you and you’ve been a hockey hero since I was a teenager, but man…coaching is maybe not your gig yet. E: I can’t think of any pro’s who love their sport as much as The Great One. F: Did I mention Bettman’s doing a pretty not great job? So yeah…Wayne Gretzky for NHL commissioner. Start a groundwave people!
  2. Led Zeppelin is doing their big reunion gig. People paid thousands of British pounds for tickets…I heard of one guy who paid 80,000 british pounds…that’s like 160,000 US Dollars people! Ok, so…I love Led Zeppelin…they were a huge influence in my music through my late teens and early twenties, even though the band had broken up by then. They changed rock and roll for the better, and were all in all just perfect. But come on…160,000 dollars?? To me, it wouldn’t even be all that great; what I envision is a bunch of old guys playing Led Zeppelin songs. Not only that, but Bonzo WAS a huge part of the reason Led Zeppelin were what they were. You can’t call it a reunion if you’re missing the quintessential rock and roll drummer, dammit! I was thinking that even if they go on tour and come to Vancouver, I dunno if I’d go unless it was free tickets, and even then maybe not. See, I’m concerned that “old guys doing zeppelin tunes” would just shatter the zeppelin myth I’ve always had in my mind. I’ve seen Plant live. I’ve seen Page and Plant live. Neither of them made me go “ooooooo zepppy!”, although they were great shows. Don’t kill the myth! This is, by the way, why I didn’t want to go see the David Lee Roth Van Halen reunion show in Vancouver the other night… it would kill the memory I have of seeing them the first time, and make it cartoonish, causing me angst. I don’t want angst anymore, I’m almost forty!
  3. I saw in the paper today that Pamela Anderson was voted the sexiest woman ever on a TV show. By who?? Fans of drag queens? The blind? Come on…how she possibly beat Farrah Fawcett (or any of the original Charlie’s Angels for that matter) is a mystery of epic proportions… Or Lisa Bonet or Eva Longoria. Heck, even Eva Gabor on Green Acres was sexier! And how in the hell did Loni Anderson end up 48th out of 50??? Man… maybe I have bad taste in hotties or something.
  4. My cat has a tape eating addiction. I did a google search last night on why cats eat tape, and the best reason I found was that the glue is made of animal fat. First off, eww. Secondly, well ok that explains his need to lick/eat it. However my concern is that whenever he eats tape (or plastic bags for that matter) I end up with an unpleasant carpet bomb in a day or so. Now, besides the obvious health concerns, I hate cleaning up cat puke. So I keep all tape and plastic bags away from him. This is especially difficult during Christmas gift wrapping time. Yes, it was irrelevant, but so was the rest of this post.

So there you go, my post of unrelated thoughts.


5 comments so far

  1. kasia on

    Actually, I think you have excellent taste in hotties. You’re right on all counts, all the ones you mentioned are way hotter than Pam. Except for the Lisa Bonet part. That’s just weird.

    I wonder what would happen if we put your cat and Pam’s plastic boobs in the same room…

  2. Cage on

    I think you’re right on about Pamela Anderson…she looks like a plastic blow up doll.

    I heard a rumor about Zeppelin being at the Bonaroo Festival but I think it’s just speculation.

  3. Rosie on

    Have you and Ruth stopped by Williams-Sonoma yet?? I was there opening day!
    Anyway, Mr. Nick’s brother-in-law got tickets for free to see the reunion concert in London. He’s a huge Zep nut. The only caveat is that he has to take clients.

  4. Rosie on

    Oh! I had no idea that gig was last night. Turns out the BIL had a VIP pass and got to go backstage! His company has a box at the stadium!

  5. Bekki on

    You can laugh at this if you want but I too was doing a search as to why cat’s eat tape and that is how I found your blog.

    My cat loves tape, when he hears it he comes running, he steals bows and ribbons and everything, we also have to keep everything up or he’ll try to steal it and run away.

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