Wheee, Christmas

“You’re a triple decker Saurkraut and Toadstool sandwhich, with Arsenic Sauce” –You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
The Grinch has always been my favorite Christmas special, mainly for the song… second favorite would be a tie between Charlie Brown and the old Rudolph one. Really I love them all tho…I’m such a christmas nerd. Interestingly enough I’ve never seen certain big Christmas specials… I’ve never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” all the way thru…it’s always part way thru when I catch it on TV and I can’t bring myself to watch part of a classic. I’ve never seen any original version of A Christmas Carol, although I played Marley’s Ghost in a stage version years ago and have seen most of the interpretation versions (scrooged, mickey’s Christmas Carol, etc etc). But most of them I’ve seen and as I said, I’m a total geek about them.
Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, for various reasons. Mainly, the energy of everyone being friendly and happy and rushing around getting things ready, and buying gifts. People have a love/hate relationship with spending money, but mostly I believe people get a rush out of spending on others. I know I do! Also there are a rush of birthdays around Christmas; a couple of friends of mine and mine are all in the holidays. Generally that’s always fun and good. And then there’s the food. Christmas time is a crazy eating time; parties, dinners, candies and chocolates, cookies etc etc. Yes, all in all I love the holidays.
Last year my Christmas sucked pretty harsh. I was dealing with some financial things, all my friends were gone, and I just felt very alone and at the bottom. I did not enjoy it much, and to add to my bummed-out-ness, i had no one to gift to, and no money to do it even if I had. Ruth and I had been on one date and she tried to have some Christmas and birthday with me, but I was pretty bummed and didn’t want to subject her to that attitude, so I fibbed and told her I was going out of town for the holidays. I did have a Christmas Eve dinner with Leila and her family that I appreciated probably more than she knows. Then I wallowed in a self pity party for a week, until new years eve, when Ruth and I had another date. Not my most shining moment, last Christmas.
This Christmas was alot different. I saw my brother and his wife and my sister on different days, and got to visit my friends in Ottawa a few weeks ago. I was also in a much better position and available to make some people smile, which was good, and Ruth went far above and beyond to ensure that I got some enjoyment Christmas morning. We exchanged our gifts and had some Christmas candies and watched the fireplace channel. Christmas dinner at Ruth’s parents place was fabulous (as dinner there always is). We had a non traditional Christmas dinner of roast beef and yorkshire pudding, which to a good Alberta boy who’s not allowed much beef these days is AT LEAST as good as than turkey any day of the week! We exchanged some gifts and had some laughs and then came home.
I ‘m very grateful that Ruth has come into my life this past year, and the things she’s given me (not the ‘stuff’ things, but the emotional and growth related things) (although the ‘stuff’ things are cool too;) ). She’s a phenomenal person with a massive heart and probably the best girlfriend in the world, and I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to get her. Besides the emotional things she gives me on a daily basis, she went so far out of her way to make sure my Christmas was better than last year.
Although of course I would have been happy just to get a card, Ruth got me all kinds of stuff I kind of wanted but wouldn’t have bought for myself. First off, she got me an Xbox 360, which alone was way more than I would have expected her to get. Not that I’m complaining of course ;). But then she went beyond that, even. Not only did she find me guitar hero 3 which was like impossible this year, but she also found me Rock Band, which wasn’t even available in Canada til the 23rd of December (and then only like 30 copies)!! She also got me the DVD of Flight of the Conchords (yes that’s the correct spelling) which is a New Zealand comedy duo that has a pretty funny song they’ve been playing on the fox and a few other things including a couple of awesome shirts and some cd’s. And Q-tips.
Of course, I got a bunch of things for her too, but that’s for her to write about. But all in all my Christmas was excellent, both with material and non material things, and I feel incredibly lucky to be on the cusp of 40 (yes, in 2 days i’ll be officially middle aged) and feeling like a kid again! Now, to get her off the couch and hit up some boxing day sales… if we can get past the crowds and craziness!

4 comments so far

  1. Duane on

    Merry Christmas dude..

  2. R on

    Really–you would have been happy with just a card!?!

    Thank YOU for sharing a most fabulous Christmas with me–which began 6 weeks ago when you allowed me to twist your rubber arm into buying a new tree for all my Ontario-imported ornaments. The lovely tannenbaum has been a wonderful beacon of peace and calm since it went up, and, it, much like you, helped me to actually feel like Christmas on the Coast isn’t such a bad thing!

    Merry post-Christmas, happy belated Boxing Day, and happy Birthday-eve!

    Oh, and RockStar was a birthday gift, which just happened to get opened 2 days and 2 hours early 😛

  3. Rosie on

    Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas!! Hurrah!

  4. Dave C. on

    Merry Christmas Clay and Happy Birthday !!. Welcome to the Club!!

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