Why is it always Star Wars? A little linkage, too, btw

Like many dorky types, I’m a big fan of Star Wars. I always have been…when I was a kid I actually had Star Wars wallpaper in my bedroom. Didn’t have the sheets and blankets though…some lines aren’t worth crossing. I, of course, own all 6 movies on DVD and have actually sat through all six both ways (starting from 1 and going thru 6 and starting from 4 and going thru 3).

Star Wars permeates North American culture quite deeply. See if you can go a week without hearing (or making) some kind of Star Wars reference or allusion; it’s probably hard to do. It has become the defacto terminology for any battle. Car Wars. Book Wars. Bar Wars. Etc. etc. Heck I did it here once with Telecom Wars. Friend and co-worker Duane recently had some guy challenge his position as the first entry when once google’s the term “Vancouver Blogger”. So Duane immediately wrote a post about Blog Wars. Blog Wars isn’t new, I’ve seen the term before (even referenced to the movies), and Duane took it a step further, going so far as to utilize that classic opening story scroll in a little video. Awesome! But…

Why is it always Star Wars? Why not, say…i dunno…Lord of the Blogs? He could be Duan-o Bloggins, trying to keep the Google OneSpot out of the hands of the evil Lord who-ever-on. Heck he could even have a cast of friends and enemies helping or hindering. Who wouldn’t want to read about the interesting interplay and parallels between Duano Bloggins and Twitchlum (formerly smeatwich) for instance (actually maybe I’d rather be Twitchdalf the white…well, light brown…).

Or how about Blog-iator? “I am Duane-us Maximus, writer of a dissed blog, creator of stolen pictures, keeper of top google spot and I shall have my revenge!” Maybe Bloglander: “I am Duaner MacBlog of the clan MacBlog, and my site is immortal. There can be only ONE! (number one)” (sorry, maybe alot of people won’t catch that reference…)

Yeah, ok I’ve run out of steam on this…it was so much better a post when it was just in my head…



2 comments so far

  1. Duane Storey on

    I dunno, first thing that came to mind was Blog Wars! Maybe I’ll mix it up and do something different for round two. Although I pictured little Ewoks dancing when I win this contest.

  2. kasia on

    Ha ha ha, Duan-o Bloggins… I LOVE IT! That is too cute. Although I admit, I also would like to see Ewoks dancing; they probably are better at it than hobbits.

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