Today is…

“I read the news today, oh boy . . .
About a lucky man who made the grade…”

A Day in the Life (The Beatles)

Not that I should have to tell anyone…

And isn’t this two beatles references back 2 back? whoa…

Today is the middle of week 2 of tracking expenses. When I looked at week one, there was around 60 bux I could trim; money I had no real need to spend. Now, 60 dollars isn’t a huge amount, but it does add up to 240 dollars a month… That’s 240 more dollars against my debt or towards a…something nice, I dunno what. So my challenge this week has been to trim that. I started with the easy ones…I don’t need to buy a paper every day, which is a habit I’ve had for sometime. I also don’t need to purchase a can of pop everyday, which for whatever reason I’ve been doing since I got back to work. So that’s 15 dollars of savings. Of course, I blew it all the other day by driving into work cuz I was running a bit late and paying 16 dollars in parking. But I’m tracking that too.

Instead of buying my lunch 3 or 4 days a week and bringing it occasionally, I’m going to flip that around. I purchased my lunch yesterday (under $5, mind you), which means I only get one more of those this week. Maybe I can go without any and make that 16 dollars in parking back. If I can save 2 lunches a week, at an average of 6 dollars a day I’m up over 25 dollars saved. Halfway there. Now where is the rest going to come from? Well…stupid useless spending. I spent 21 dollars last week on stuff I labelled as “stuff”. This includes things like an afternoon snack or something. I’ve nipped that one by bringing two apples to work everyday. So kill that and i’m up to 48 dollars. The last 12 is the hard one. I buy one 2 dollar coffee a day. That’s ten bux a week. I don’t know if I could miss my daily coffee, but maybe I could make my own; I have a perfectly good coffee maker at home.

Ah well, it’s a tiny little thing, but it’s a start. The key for me is to stay the course and keep my discipline on these simple things. That’s going to be the biggest thing in succeeding and plugging this financial mismanagement leak I have. I’m looking forward to seeing what my monthly budget looks like when this is all done; I’ve put in all my credit payments, car payments, monthly bills and week one expenditures. My biggest concern is that at the end of the month I’m running in a deficit state…that would be bad bad bad. But it may actually be where I am.

Today is also 3 months to the day since my surgery. I feel great and look great, and still have those same damn 15 pounds to lose to meet my goal weight. That’s ok; i was finally able to convince my trainer to up my target heart rate to a point where I can lose weight, so maybe it will start going down again. I’ve been diligent about my eating, allowing myself once a week to eat not so good stuff. I haven’t had a single hamburger since my surgery, and I LOVE hamburgers (as anyone who’s gone for lunch with me knows). I know, the hamburger isn’t as bad as the fries, but we take our victories where we can. Sometimes my arm itches where the cut was, and sometimes my chest wound stings a bit, but all in all everything’s been groovy. I feel like a kid again, seriously, all these changes and new motivations. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this focussed. The surgery I had 3 months ago is what’s giving me the energy to do it, the catalyst to get started was external and much more recent.

Today is a fine day. Now I need to go find a particular book and use up my entertainment budget for the week. 😉


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  1. Rosie on

    Sounds like you are making fine progress! I wish dealing with finances was easier.

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