Responsible Bar Management?

“Party down, party down
Drinkin til you cant even see
in your car with your buddies
And wrap it around a tree”

Drinking and Driving, Black Flag, InMyHead, 1985

Vancouver’s Red Room apparently WANTS you to drink and drive…Well, I’m sure they don’t, but I was just reading Duane’s post about his evening attending some New Music West gigs, and was astounded to see that a bar would not allow someone a glass of water when they weren’t drinking. This is absolutely assinine, and they should lose their liquor license for that. I’m sorry, but in today’s world any “drinking establishment” that doesn’t respect the designated driver is as guilty of drunk driving as the drunk drivers. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and is so irresponsible!

So if you don’t click the link and read Duane’s blog, basically his buddy was told he couldn’t have a glass of water without paying. Not even tap water. Now, sure it’s the bar’s right to set their prices, and things are tough all over, but if you need to SELL tap water to make your bar profitable, you’re stupid as a sack of hammers. A liquor license is pretty much permission to print money! Now maybe they have their reasons for doing this. Maybe they figure if they piss off all the DD’s they’ll go elsewhere and they can keep the quality drinkers in their establishment. Maybe the cabal of 3 that owns every liquor license in vancouver doesn’t let anyone give away water.

Anyways, all sarcasm aside it seems like a real dumb rule to me; it’s not so much the amount one would pay for the water, it’s the principle of having to that gets my underoos in a bunch. Stupidest policy ever. Kind of bums me out because it is a cool room and occasionally gets cool bands.


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  1. Raul on

    This also irked me, so I wrote a post about it too.

  2. LKB on

    why should the bar serve non-paying customers? It takes as much time to pour a glass of water as a pint of beer. They price water not to cover their margin but to actively discourage people from getting water.

  3. twitchy67 on

    …which is the whole point… Why discourage people from drinking water? If you are too stupid to be able to get people to drink alcohol in a bar, you should probably consider a career in something else…perhaps collecting welfare would be the best fit with that kind of mental incapacity.

    In the meantime, I believe that any bar that discourages the designated driver should be held accountable for every drunk driver that walks out of their establishment and ends up causing damage and heartache. It’s attitudes like yours, LKB, that allow bars to get away with this. If your bar is full of only water drinkers to the point that you need to discourage it, you’re doing something horribly wrong.

  4. Biblical on

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Biblical

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