“Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated…”

OMG it’s been along time since I last wrote here!  Someone asked me the other day why I haven’t posted in so long, and my response was “dunno…just haven’t felt the muse, I guess”.  Weak-sauce!  So…time to post.  Although…I can’t say as I have a whole lot to say.  Not much is sticking in my craw at this moment…

So what’s been happening in twitchville?  Let’s see.

  • Heart recovery is going fine…I’m finished grampa gym now and back at full steam in most things.  I still have a ceiling on my heart rate due to some of the drugs I’m on, but whatever.  Weight is down, eating is better, fruit and veggies are yummy sometimes.  Need more excercise tho… Much as I made fun of Grampa Gym, it was valuable for my physical well being.  Grampa gym is the heart recovery program at St. Paul’s hospital.  Twice a week I went for 4 months, doing 30 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weight training, with some stretchy stretchy in between.  There was a dietician and a nurse on hand too to speak of certain things and educate us.  I called it grampa gym because I was the youngest participant by a good 20 years.  It was a lot of fun tho, and there were some cool people there, both as trainers/staff and patients.  By the end i was able to keep a 15 minute run on the treadmill.  I try and use the facilities in the office here when I can, but only seem to get there once a week.  Not cuz I’m too busy, but cuz I’m too lazy.
  • I’ve become a whore to Steve Jobs.  I bought not only an iPhone, but an iMac as well.  I drank the kool aid, and yeah, I’m a happier person for it.  Stuff it Windows.  On a related note,
  • I’m one of the 37 people who digs the Microsoft ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, and gets them too.  The blog-o-sphere is a-buzz with people getting their panties in a twist over these, and trying to compare them to the “i’m a mac, I’m a PC” ads (which are also really good), which is wrong because they aren’t doing the same thing.  I mean, I guess they are both about corporate identity as opposed to product specific, but no, they aren’t the same thing.  Check them out and tell me your thoughts.  Good on Bill for not taking himself too seriously.  And this is the closest Jerry Seinfeld gets to being funny.
  • Music music music.  I purchased Scars on Broadway (meh…ok, but lame lyrics), the new Slipknot (Excellent as always), the new Metallica (holy crap…it’s like Master of Puppets era Metallica again!  That’s a GOOD thing!), Badmotorfinger and others.  I also went to see George Michael live (!!!!Seriously!) and it was pretty cool.  Obviously if you know me, you know I’m not a fan, but I’ve always been able to respect George Michaels singing ability and musicality.  His songs tended to fall into two categories live: soulfoul and dance-y.  I dug most of the soulful stuff.  It was Ruth’s thing, and at the end of it all I’m glad I went.
  • I’ve lifted my poker game to a new level.  Ruth helped me discover a couple of key elements to my game that had been missing, and it’s turning me into a winning player.  Obviously I’ve got way more left to develop than has been developed, but overall I think I’m a respectably good player now.  I’ve found that I play best with a fairly aggressive style, but must do it with patience to be successful.  This is not rocket science.   But I’m learning.  I already had some root skills and base abilities, but I could never really put it all together properly.  Plus I’m learning to back my emotions out of the game, and that helps substantially.  I’m frequently able to have massively profitable nights if I’m on my game, and tend to minimize my bad nights.  Unless I tilt out, which has been known to happen…
  • Ruth and I went to Las Vegas for a week, where we played several overnight poker sessions, ate some awesome meals and bought some fancy things.  I love Vegas, and I hope we’ll be going back again soon.  We stayed at Treasure Island, and got a super good price on a package from Allegiant Air.  It meant we had to fly out of Bellingham instead of Vancouver, but that was worth it.  I recommend Allegiant if you want a really good trip package…they don’t go everywhere tho.
  • I joined 2007 and signed up to twitter.  Look me up, twitchy67.

Uhhh I’m sure more things have happened, but that’s what I can think of and jot down right now.  Am I gonna be back to regular writing?  Dunno…gonna try tho.


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  1. Rosie on

    Hello! I’m happy to hear that things are going so well for you!
    I’ve picked up TWO New Kids on the Block CDs in the last week!! Only a couple more months until their show!

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