Ahh, scalpers…u make entertainment non-entertaining

“First ten rows, class room seats
Dirty movies, twenty bucks a piece
You won’t regret it, Led Zeppelin IV
Another no show, the Gremlin roars
Don’t fear the reaper, lincoln surrenders
Jefferson, my little brother

Earth wind fire

Another f@#$in’ scalper, you owe me for this one
Another f@#$in’ scalper, you owe me for this one”

“Damone”, 16 , Zoloft Smile

Rant of the day…

I hate scalpers.  I mean, not personally, I’m sure some of them are very nice individuals.  But to them I say… “Thanks for ruining the live entertainment industry, asshat!”  It’s ridiculous that today the only way to buy a ticket for anything is to stand at the ready at your computer the second they go on sale and then click the crap out of it and hope to get through, or pay extra to buy from a bottom feeding scalper prick.  This is ridiculous.  Ticketmaster mutilated the live show by using a monopoly to raise ticket prices, and then scalpers put the nail in the coffin by making sure they get the lions share of tickets.   Why is this not regulated better?  I mean, I’m sure the people who make the laws just get free tickets to things and never have to worry about it, but for the rest of us drones the system is broken.

When I was a kid, I remember that scalping tickets was illegal in Alberta.  I don’t know if it still is, but it damn well should be.  It was also much more difficult back then.  You had to go in person to buy your tickets and if there was a limit it was impossible to set up software to buy up hundreds at a time.  This was good.  Us normal folks waited in line like everyone else, and generally you could get a ticket.  And then the internet and telephone ordering helped the scumsuckers destroy it all.  I’m not talking about the person who bought 3 tickets and then their friend cancelled so they have an extra seat to sell on Craigslist, that’s not what bugs me.  What bugs me are companies who have teams who’s job it is to just buy up every ticket they can the instant they go on sale, then put on a mark up and re-sell it to poor saps like me who do horrible things like work.

Metallica is coming to town in December, and I wouldn’t mind going.  Except…the show sold out in like 23 minutes.  I don’t know the exact stats, but I’m guessing 85% plus of those tickets are now at the scalper shops.  So I can go pay an extra 10-50 dollar premium to buy my seats, or I can win them on the radio, or I can just not go.  I’m probably gonna go with option 3, just out of spite.  It’s not the money, I can afford it.  It’s the fact that if I want to see a band that I dig, I have to piss away extra money needlessly because I don’t have a ticket buying script on my computer.

The worst thing about all this is that Ticketmaster supports this BS.  Why should they care, they get paid anyways, right?  Utter crap.  TM did their uber best to control the industry already, and now they’re supporting the losers that make the already over-service-charged tix even more expensive.   It’s a stupid, low integrity, monopolistic, BS way to do things in my mind.

I would LOVE to see legislation put in place to disallow this.  Make it illegal and put these scums out of business; I (and I assume most anyone who couldn’t get tickets to a show on day one of ticket sales cuz they were already sold out), would vote for the guy who promised me this one thing!  Sure, the so called ‘business people’ who own these exploitive companies would whine, but too bad.  You’ve been taking advantage of the public long enough, now go and earn a legitimate living like the rest of us.

This really bugs me and has for a long time.  I don’t know if there is an easy solution for us in the general public; you can’t blame the bands or the promoters so much because there are limited methods of getting tickets out to the public, and they can’t just tell ticketmaster to stuff it.  Pearl Jam tried in the 90’s, and although they won the moral victory, in the end ticketmaster still has the rights to sell their tickets.   Beating scalpers would offer a certain amount of satisfaction to some, but I personally am far too opposed to violence to go that route.  Plus I’m a bit of a wimp, but that’s another story. Legislation won’t happen; this is just too small an issue for most people to worry about, what with gas prices and taxes and education and other trivial things on peoples minds…

Am I the only one so bugged by this?  Anyone have comments or thoughts?


2 comments so far

  1. tiffany on

    i SOOOOOO agree with you. i despise not being able to get tickets for shows. there’s nothing more disappointing than waiting for something to go on sale and then having it sell out in 10 minutes. it makes me want to spit.

  2. Katie on

    it definitely should be illegal, but they know well enough that ppl will be willing to pay top dollar for the concert of their choice. As if tickets are expensive enough, they have to jack it up even more.

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