Front row at the Canucks game

Sure, it’s only pre-season, but damn!  Front row tickets to any game is a good day.  Plus, the Canucks are undefeated this preseason so far.  Some might say this is the best we’ll see them play.  Not me of course.

So my buddy Gerry called me up the other day saying he had some tickets to the game and no one to go with.  His partner Angie just isn’t a hockey fan…which is a good thing for me 🙂 . So I met him out front the stadium last night and away we went.  He started with “I think the seats are pretty shitty, but they were free…” and then he gave me the ticket…row one!  We were right along the half boards on the away team (San Jose) side.  I’ve seen alot of hockey games in my time, including a couple seasons when I had seasons tickets in the reds from my work, but this is the first time i’ve ever been on the boards like this.  It was pretty awesome.  The Sedins were playing last night too, so I thought we might see some of that legendary cycling along the half boards from as close as one ever gets to see it; alas, it wasn’t to be, not much anyways.

But still…front row!  Anytime there was a hit along the boards it was pretty cool.  Apart from the loogans behind us being assmonkeys (why do they let leaf’s fans into games in other stadiums anyways?) (Just kidding leaf’s fans) (Sorta…), it was a pretty fun evening.  Heck we didn’t even buy any beers!  There were a couple of little fights, including one in the first right in front of us when Rypien schooled…um…i think it was marleau.  Whoever it was he was twice Rypiens size and got his ass proverbially kicked.  There was joy in the stands.  The only unfortunate part in the game is that we did see Grier take a puck in the mouth right in front of us, that was pretty ugly.  Then on the commercial break he came skating out looking for his tooth.  Of course the loogans were being jerks during that.  A puck in the mouth is never a pretty site.

Anyways, thanks Gerry for the tix, and here’s some pics I took with my iPhone:

And of course the games first star:


3 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    Ooh, look at you! I’ve never been to a Canucks game before.

  2. Cage on

    Nice shot of the Zamboni.

  3. PokerPlasm on

    Man I love hockey. I am a Devils fan, but please do not hold that against me.

    Front Row is the best, those are some great freakin’ seats!

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