Things this week

I embrace my desire to, feel the rhythm, to feel connected
enough to step aside and weep like a widow, to feel inspired, to fathom the power, to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral, to swing on the spiral, to
swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human

Lateralus, Tool, Lateralus

I was thinking a bit about some of the things i’ve seen this week that made me smile, that inspired me, that made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and that just made me sit back and think on the wonder of it all.  There’s no particular reason for something to grab one’s attention, sometimes, it just happens.  Our mindset determines whether we notice the good or the bad, and how we react to it.  So here’s some things I saw/did/experienced since last Friday that made me happy for various reasons, in mostly chronological order.  Maybe i’ll try to do this on a regular basis.

  1. Quad kings. Twice.  Looking down at pocket kings preflop feels good.  Seeing another on the flop feels better.  And turning the fourth?  That’s the best, cuz at that point even if u lose you win (if there’s a badbeat jackpot).  Twice last Saturday I got to experience this, and one of those time actually paid me out pretty good.  Sometimes poker doesn’t require any skill 😉
  2. Outplaying the best player on the table. Related to the above one, it’s not all about turning quads…sometimes u actually need to outplay an opponent.  It always feels good when you do it against someone you respect as a better player than yourself.  I got to do that a couple times Saturday. Nothing like seeing a top shelf player lay down his/her set face up to your stone cold bluff on the river… 😀
  3. 145 BPM for 20, 168 peak. For anyone who doesn’t know, I had open heart surgery in February of this year.  As I recover the little victories mean a lot.  At my workout tuesday I kept my heart rate at 145 for 20 minutes straight (probably longer but I wasn’t watching closely past the treadmill).  I had a good, if short, workout then ran back to work.  On the run back when I came up the steps to the office my heart rate monitor was pinging 168 and recovery took about 30 seconds down to 130, 3 minutes back to 80.  Now, if you’re an athlete these are very unremarkable numbers.  Possibly not even very good.  If you had your chest ripped open and 5 arteries bypassed 7 months ago, they’re a bit more meaningful.
  4. Obama’s victory speech. I turned away from the hockey game to watch history being made.  I think back on the defining moments in my life, and this ranks up there as one of the biggest.  It’s like the shroud of fear, intolerance, stupidity and sadness that have been shrouding us since 9-11 looked to be lifting after all these years.  He achieved Martin Luther King’s dream, and in the process has given half a world hope thats been sorely lacking for a long time.  His speech was nothing short of inspirational and as I sat there on my sofa holding hands with my sweetie, I reflected a bit on the time ahead and the directions things can move in.  I felt real optimistic about the world’s future for possibly the first time since the towers fell.  I can only hope that his leadership and policy will make the changes that he indicates, and my feeling is that he will do his best to do so.  I have grave fear that some crazy redneck will do the unthinkable which will send the US into absolute chaos and race riots and destroy any hope of fixing things that he brings us, but I refuse to dwell on it and trust in his security team to keep the world safe.
  5. The waiter at the Thai restaurant. On Wednesday Ruth and I decided to grab some Thai for dinner.  I love thai, and don’t eat it nearly as much as I’d like.  So we decided to go to a place that’s near my apartment….except when we got there, it was nothing but a big hole in the ground.  We drove on a bit and saw the new location, but it wasn’t open yet so we couldn’t go there.  Drove up Lonsdale and saw a little hole in the wall place that had a number of people inside eating.  Since a populated dining room is a good indicator we decided to check it out.  We were greeted by a tired looking lady wearing sweats and a dirty tee shirt, which concerned me a bit, but whatever.  Our waiter came to take our order…he was 10!  No lie…just a  little kid, obviously helping out the folks who were frazzled for some reason or another.  He very proficiently took our order, brought us our pops and even our meals…which were very good.  After eating when he came to ask if we wanted dessert I told him the meals were very good, to which he replied “my dad made it”.  Priceless!  That one experience made my whole day, and we’ll be back there for take out.  Child labour laws FTW…he was helping out and seemed to enjoy it.
  6. Two wins and two shut outs for Luongo. Two wins and two shut outs for Luongo.  It does bear repeating.
  7. Kasia’s excitement. 5 more sleeps!  Both Ruth and I SOOOO wish we could go, but financial responsibilities prevailed.
  8. People who grin at their iPods. I took the bus in today instead of driving or the seabus.  It started out bad with this cranky bitch of a lady being rude to people; maybe she had a bad sleep I guess.  Anyways, there was this young girl sitting there listening to her headphones and just grinning and laughing away.  She was obviously listening to a comedy show or something, but it made me grin myself watching this person thoroughly enjoy their rainy morning busride.  It was infectious, and I wish more people could start their days with a grin instead of a snarl.  I’ve been known to be one of the worst offenders!

So yeah…some things that made me smile, inspired me, boosted confidence, or just plain worked this week.  Feel free to comment on your own warm fuzzies (and beating @street3 in the #tpt doesn’t count, plasm… 😛  ).


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  1. misspurple on

    Re: #7: Oooohh! I so wish you two could come too! But of course, it’s all cool. I lurv you!

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