Alright…here’s how it works…

Click on the categories on the right to see my posts in each category. And put in your comments fer crying out loud.
About me – Speaks for itself

Heart – Things to do with relationships, dating etc

Soul – Inside of my head…use with care…and don’t judge, dammit! 🙂
Dough – My poker blogs/rants/thoughts

Brain – Tech stuff that’s not specifically work related
Chains and Wires and Wireless too – Work related; thoughts from the world of VoIP

World – News and stuff from the world

Soundtrack – The Song, Album or Band that’s stuck in my head/iPod/CD Player/PC today

xOTD – The (insert noun here) of the day

Mr. Crankypants – Where I rant


1 comment so far

  1. dwanderingmind on

    haha… comments are very hard to come by. ditto…

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